Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

closehead - your answer is my remedy

Jujur, saya lebih suka Closehead yang dulu waktu masih ada Lam-lam dan Aid

lirik :

please tell your secret, i ll tell no one else
ill ripped i out if youre not,
im dying to know whats inside you
i dont mind to stay here, i will be waiting

its been to long and i can get grip anymore
i dont think its hard so tell me right now
or give a clue or anything just say a word now

im running around and around again
im going now here ill go insane
just tell me truth and i wont be here no more

(dont playin around cause im not so tough no more)

im over reacted if you keep your mouth locked
and i know theres something and i have to known it soon
i wasting my timehere , so hurry up im waiting
and i will understand for every single word youve said

this coversation  has to end
so tell me now dont you pretend
dont put me in this agony
your answer my remedy